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[000] I've moved...again and for the last time

Yup so title says it, I'm doing my final move and am gonna stick to my new journal during my time on elljay. I debated on this for a while because I know things get confusing and people may go Who is this on this journal I'm not used to? I took that into consideration but I really just want a fresh start on a new journal. I went through alot in Florida, some of it nearly broke me, but in the end I came out stronger, but would like to leave the bad memories that I wrote about in the past.

So with that said, I hope you'll readd my new journal. If not, that's fine, no hard feelings. I know I have been inactive for a while, mostly due to life, but also due to trying to keep depression and anxiety under control. But I do hope to see you guys over there, those who have read my stuff and got something out of it. I hope to keep putting out good posts and content over there <3

My new journal is crashedpixels

(And a side note, I've go through quite a few names in my time on lifejournal. Andie, Neon, Brandie, Yu and Yuki are the main ones but Pixel is now the one I'm sticking with. Many people online (mainly psn) know me by Pixel so it's a name that finally clicked lol)
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[000] Roleplay Info

So because I miss rping so much, I've decided that I should make a list of what I'd like to write and other miscelly info. This will be updated as often as needed to up with current RP wants and fandoms I'd like to write in.

First and formost, what I look for in a partner
I'd like to partner up with someone and RP, but I'd also like to grow a friendship with them as well. Granted I know some people just don't click. Every now and then, it'd be nice to discuss life, about me/you stuff and possibly other fandoms in common. It just makes me feel weird to RP with someone I know nothing about. It'd make me feel very awkward.
Also, I ask that my RP partner be mature and have a good understanding of english grammar. I don't mind if english isn't your first language, just as long as you can write well in english, that's cool with me.

How I roleplay
Mostly through email. It gives me freedom to respond at work, right before or right after. I may eventually RP through AIM, but for now, email only please.
I roleplay in third person, although I have experience writing in first person. I only write in english and depending on the situation in the story, I may write up to 4 paragraphs, but 2 is my minimum.

Fandoms I roleplay
Elder Scrolls (mostly Skyrim for now)

- Also, I may consider Star Trek originals too

Yeah, I know the list is super small ;w;

Genres I roleplay
I mix romance with every one of the following -- modern fantasy, mystery/paranormal, urban fantasy, futuristic fantasy, thriller and science fiction

- I may consider crime fiction, cyberpunk or fairy tales

My Characters
(This part is under construction. I put alot of my OCs on the backburner, but I'd like to make new ones)

Dislikes/Stuff I won't do.
I will not do porn. Not even porn with plot.

(This post is still under construction)

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[014] Alot better

So I apologize for my last post seeming so depressing. I know I may have scared a few with that but things are going so much better now! My sleep schedule is more...normal if you can call it that and I've developed a sense of peace and contentedness, despite all that is going on. I won't go into that right now, but it all is good news. I've managed to get myself into some new fandoms (LIKE I NEED ANYTHING ELSE TO FLAIL OVER) and I have lots of projects planned (and I still haven't fogotten about your mod, Amanda skdjfskdf It's about 60% done :DD) so I look forward to coming back to elljay and catching up!

And yes, this is pretty much just a post letting you guys know I'm still here and okay so I'll be back tomorrow then
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[000] 100 Things Challenge - Index

Soo I will be taking part in this little challenge and guess what my topic is? Elder Scrolls! Why? BECAUSE THE WORLD NEEDS MORE ELDER SCROLLS. Leaning more toward Skyrim than the actual whole series, but I will still talk about other games because I love them too. I'll index all those posts here as I make them :D - Though you have to be on my friends list to read them as they are friend-locked, but that's fine, I always welcome new friends c: Refer to my intro post for that.

Join me in the challenge? You can pick any topic you want!
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[006] A short intro and advertising

Yep, so work is in less than 3 hours and I have to start getting ready soon, so very short post until later tonight buuut...

「W E L C O M E」I'd like to say welcome to my new friends that I've made within the past 2 months! I would direct you to my into post, but it's not as up-to-date as I'd like it to be. I'm Brandie! I live in south Florida. I'm a mix of a tomboy and girly girl, but I lean mostly toward the girly side lol. I love a few tv shows, some anime and quite a few video games and I have too many interests to keep up with. My current fandoms aaarrre the Elder Scrolls series, Leverage, Castle, Sailor Moon, Criminal Minds, Psych, Tiger and Bunny, Minecraft and kind of Pokemon and Persona 4. I guess I'm slooowly getting back into those. Interior Design is my major, but my minor is still undecided. I write, I draw, I make jewelry, I design graphics and I love taking photos of nature. And I love horrible puns (I'd also direct you to my contact post, but it's not up-to-date either lolol /embarrassed) If you have any questions, please ask! I'll get back to you later tonight if so. And I'll be back to catch up with your guy's posts :D

And lastly...

「A D V E R T I S I N G」
Make some great new friends with the friending meme over at clubcoco!
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[000] Novel master list

So here's the list of books I own and books I'm curious about reading

★Own (haven't read)
Night Spider → John Lutz
If I Fall → Kate Noble
Easy Pray → John Sandford
Demon Seed → Dean Koontz
Tick Tock → Dean Koontz
Sunset in St Tropez → Danielle Steel
The House → Danielle Steel
Answered Prayers → Danielle Steel
Jewels → Danielle Steel
Through Violet Eyes → Stephen Woodworth
Malice Intended → Ron Handburg
Death On Black Dragon River → Christopher West
74 Seaside Avenue → Debbie Macomber
50 Harbor Street → Debbie Macomber
White Lies → Linda Howard
Used to be Lovers → Linda Lael Miller
Unmasked → Jennifer Blake, Janet Dailey, and Elizabeth Gage
The Harbor → Carla Neggers
Susan Wiggs → Summer Hideaway
Tropic of Night → Michael Gruber
Scar Night → Alan Campbell
Disappearance → Jude Watson
Jamie → Lori Foster
Myst → Rand Miller, Robyn Miller and David Wingrove
The Switch → Sandra Brown
Tithe → Holly Black
The Monsters of Templeton → Lauren Groff
Mystic River → Dennis Lehane
Hearts → Stef Ann Holm
This Time Love → Elizaeth Lowell
Limelight → Melody Carlson
The Beach House → James Patterson and Peter De Jonge
30 Seconds → Sam and Bettina Giancana
Lies of a Stranger → Nora Roberts
Protector With A Past → Harper Allen
Secret Agent Shiek → Linda Jones
A Cry In The Dark → Jenna Mills
Under The Microscope → Jessica Andersen
Morrigan's Cross → Nora Roberts
After Dark → Jayne Castle
Sunset Bay → Susan Mallery
Death By Bikini → Gerber
Simple Gifts → Judith McNaught
After the Night → Linda Howard
Night Scent → Carla Neggers
The Presence → John Saul

★Own (In progress)
Flashback → Justine Davis
Haunted → Heather Graham
The Island → Jill Jones

★I don't own (but would like to!)
I, Lucifer → Glen Duncan
The Odd series → Dean Koontz
(to soon be updated)

★★With all of this said, I am always open for suggestions so please feel free!
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[001] Just a note.

Yep I'm finally back after that longish hiatus I took and my indecisiveness about changing journals. It feels like it's been ages and I really really miss posting, talking to friends and the communities. So yeah, this is Yuki from sourparfait This past year (almost a year) life has been using my family and me as a kickball and I just eventually lost track of alot of online friends and accounts. I hate that I lost track, but it happens, sadly. I'll be adding my flist on sourparfait to this new account, if you want to add me back, I'll be thrilled, but if not, I'm not going to find you and kick you. It's your choice, really. Sure I'll be a bit upset, but I've dealt with more harsh things in life. I can deal with it if you don't want to be friends. (But if we are currently friends, I apologize for being so inactive here D: But I am indeed back!) -And yeah, most know me by Yuki lol-)