「B R A N」 (sorrowfulskies) wrote,
「B R A N」

[001] Just a note.

Yep I'm finally back after that longish hiatus I took and my indecisiveness about changing journals. It feels like it's been ages and I really really miss posting, talking to friends and the communities. So yeah, this is Yuki from sourparfait This past year (almost a year) life has been using my family and me as a kickball and I just eventually lost track of alot of online friends and accounts. I hate that I lost track, but it happens, sadly. I'll be adding my flist on sourparfait to this new account, if you want to add me back, I'll be thrilled, but if not, I'm not going to find you and kick you. It's your choice, really. Sure I'll be a bit upset, but I've dealt with more harsh things in life. I can deal with it if you don't want to be friends. (But if we are currently friends, I apologize for being so inactive here D: But I am indeed back!) -And yeah, most know me by Yuki lol-)
Tags: public: note to all

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