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[000] Roleplay Info

So because I miss rping so much, I've decided that I should make a list of what I'd like to write and other miscelly info. This will be updated as often as needed to up with current RP wants and fandoms I'd like to write in.

First and formost, what I look for in a partner
I'd like to partner up with someone and RP, but I'd also like to grow a friendship with them as well. Granted I know some people just don't click. Every now and then, it'd be nice to discuss life, about me/you stuff and possibly other fandoms in common. It just makes me feel weird to RP with someone I know nothing about. It'd make me feel very awkward.
Also, I ask that my RP partner be mature and have a good understanding of english grammar. I don't mind if english isn't your first language, just as long as you can write well in english, that's cool with me.

How I roleplay
Mostly through email. It gives me freedom to respond at work, right before or right after. I may eventually RP through AIM, but for now, email only please.
I roleplay in third person, although I have experience writing in first person. I only write in english and depending on the situation in the story, I may write up to 4 paragraphs, but 2 is my minimum.

Fandoms I roleplay
Elder Scrolls (mostly Skyrim for now)

- Also, I may consider Star Trek originals too

Yeah, I know the list is super small ;w;

Genres I roleplay
I mix romance with every one of the following -- modern fantasy, mystery/paranormal, urban fantasy, futuristic fantasy, thriller and science fiction

- I may consider crime fiction, cyberpunk or fairy tales

My Characters
(This part is under construction. I put alot of my OCs on the backburner, but I'd like to make new ones)

Dislikes/Stuff I won't do.
I will not do porn. Not even porn with plot.

(This post is still under construction)

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