「B R A N」 (sorrowfulskies) wrote,
「B R A N」

[000] I've moved...again and for the last time

Yup so title says it, I'm doing my final move and am gonna stick to my new journal during my time on elljay. I debated on this for a while because I know things get confusing and people may go Who is this on this journal I'm not used to? I took that into consideration but I really just want a fresh start on a new journal. I went through alot in Florida, some of it nearly broke me, but in the end I came out stronger, but would like to leave the bad memories that I wrote about in the past.

So with that said, I hope you'll readd my new journal. If not, that's fine, no hard feelings. I know I have been inactive for a while, mostly due to life, but also due to trying to keep depression and anxiety under control. But I do hope to see you guys over there, those who have read my stuff and got something out of it. I hope to keep putting out good posts and content over there <3

My new journal is crashedpixels

(And a side note, I've go through quite a few names in my time on lifejournal. Andie, Neon, Brandie, Yu and Yuki are the main ones but Pixel is now the one I'm sticking with. Many people online (mainly psn) know me by Pixel so it's a name that finally clicked lol)

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