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Starships and shooting stars

Draw my heart in the stars

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「B R A N」
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brandie. aka nia. 25. female. floridian. trekker. christian. interior designer. writer. artist. jewelry maker. girl gamer. tv lover. cheeto addict. food lover. cook. sometimes depressed. but mostly content. icon maker. feminist. lgbt friendly.

My journal consists of life posts, shenanigans, fandom, doodles, fic, photos, jewelry I make, memes, thoughts on stuff and some reviews. I don't curse unless I'm irate and anything tmi or of long length is always put behind cut.

star trek: the next generation. star trek: voyager. star trek: deep space 9. ncis: the original series. csi: new york.

but always lovin'.
the elder scrolls: skyrim, the elder scrolls: oblivion, sailor moon. warehouse 13. eureka. psych. one piece. gintama. marvel cinematic universe. tron: legacy. x-files. doctor who. leverage. castle. star trek: the original series. star trek: enterprise. ace attorney. tiger and bunny. smt: person 4. minecraft.

first contact.
I'm very open to adding new friends who have interests in common, but please read my intro post before you comment on my friends only post. There's alot more about me stuff there! I do like to add those who are active (at least active weekly. I know how life gets in the way) and those I can have a friendship with. I'm not looking for just numbers on my f-list.

intro post.
contact post (f-locked).
graphic comm.
scrapbook post.
profile code (edit by me).

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